Well hello there!

I’m Adriana

A Registered Nurse and Multi-layered Caregiver Coach for the weary, Christian woman who considers serving others her calling and struggles to care for her health.

Have you ever heard these?

“Fill your own cup first.”

“Why don’t you just take a break?”

“You need to practice self-care.”

But when you’re beyond exhausted, those “healthy tips” and platitudes are woefully inadequate and ignore the many facets of your Caregiver role. The idea of taking care of yourself, too, on top of everything else going on, can feel laughable. And it’s hard to see how it can be a priority that is integrated into your unique family puzzle.

As a Multi-Layered Caregiver, I see so many weary, Christian Caregivers looking for tools and systems that take into account the life of the caregiver to prioritize their whole health. 

That’s why, with the love of Christ, nursing experience, a teacher’s heart, and adaptable systems skills at the ready, I’ve set out to give you something different – Framing your Whole Health in Christ. This framework will restore strength and hope and guide you to fully rest.

The result: you will be refreshed and serve others from the overflow of Christ!

Let’s get started today!

How about A Favorite Things List…

Days off…

At the beach

Songs on repeat….

The Key of Life Album

by Stevie Wonder

Current Obssesion….

Building deep community

Daily Habits….

Prayer and Bible reading

Something interesting…

Became a runner at thirty-seven


loss of health and much grief

I really tried to ..

do life in my strength alone

The life of a caregiver..

is a rich, challenging calling

Have some facts to Share…


years Walking With Christ


years aS A
Registered Nurse


CAregivers served
to Date


Average Hours of Sleep Preferred

Are you looking for a Community?

The Care for Caregiver Community is for you

  • Do you feel invisible to others?
  • Can your friends not relate to your struggles as a Caregiver?
  • Find weekly teachings on whole health in Christ
  • Compassionate encouragement and prayer support
  • Community of Christian women in similar shoes

Let’s serve better together…