Framing Your Whole Health IN Christ

Let’s Start Framing Together!


Ways to Work Together

Embracing Care for The Caregiver Intensive

Foundational Program
8 weeks of 1:1 support for the Caregiver

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Sticky Caregiver Struggle Support

Focused Work on One Struggle 3 weeks of 1:1 Support for the Caregiver

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One quarter at a time
Strategize 90 days of whole health together

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Balm for Your Soul
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Embracing Care for the Caregiver Intensive Offering

8 weeks of personalized support to fill your Caregiver toolbox

The FULL signature framework
We frame your whole health in Christ with caregiver encouragement through scripture, reframing your thoughts by renewing your mind, discovering your gifts, and bringing it all together to glorify Christ in your role as a Caregiver.

Sticky Caregiver Struggle Support Offering

3 weeks of personalized support with a Caregiver tool

FOCUSED work on One Caregiver struggle
We will address that Caregiver struggle continues to get you stuck over and over. Let’s bring that sticky spot to Christ and
find freedom and joy.

Whole Health
Goal Session Offering

Together we design a 90-day plan considering
all aspects of your whole health

Utilizing the nursing process and the whole health model
Health is much more than physical, let’s make goals comprehensively and build intrinsic accountability with your strengths from a big picture to micro habits.

  • One quarter at a time
  • One Month at a time
  • One week at a time
  • One day at a time

You May Be Wondering….

I serve caregivers that are healthcare workers, care for parents, spouses, friends, and children will varying levels of needs. I serve homeschool mommas, educators in other fields, and ministry workers. If you care for others in another capacity, I serve you.


You may lack outside support or feel that the support you have is inadequate.

You are constantly treading water in your tasks.

Your health and well-being are declining, or you’re finding it hard to take care of yourself.

Your joy, your light, and your hope are fading.

You are a caregiver, it feels like too much, and this is the work God has given to you.

The time commitment depends on the offering you choose. If you utilize the FREE Rest tool, you can begin with as little as five minutes a day.

If you choose to be a part of the Intensive, I would set aside an hour a week knowing if you go deeper that could increase.

Working out your faith with fear and trembling is part of the process. If you have trusted in Christ as your Lord and Savior, the Word of God is the Truth you rely on, and you have a desire to grow as a believer, you’re in the right place. We are walking side by side.

My education is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a Faith Community certification. I worked with children and families in the critical care hospital setting and community. I am a teacher of adults and children. I also homeschooled for the last 16 years.

I am a multilayered Caregiver too. I have 4 children with various needs, serve in ministry, and a healthcare worker. I became ill after neglecting my health for years because I prioritized everyone’s needs before my health.

As a Caregiver Coach, I will encourage you and provide tools to learn to care for your whole health. These tools will help your walk through your identity and God. There will also be super practical tools to help you in your day and identify what resources you need when you’re weary and overwhelmed.

I believe strongly that my offerings will be accessible to all budgets. I have free resources and paid resources with various price points. You can prioritize your whole health in Christ and be transformed from weary to strength is present in all. If you need another option, just ask. I’m happy to chat.

It’s time to give care to others from a place of rest and overflow of Christ



What Caregiver health struggles am I facing and what kind of help do I need?



Take the next tiny step towards your whole health in Christ